When planning a snorkeling trip in Hawaii, you’ll have two amazing options: Lanai Island and Molokini Crater. Both have fantastic views and diverse sea life, but each has its own special features. Let’s compare the two in a Lanai vs Molokini snorkeling breakdown.

Lanai Vs Molokini Snorkeling Compare


Lanai Island vs. Molokini Crater Snorkeling



Lanai Island offers a variety of secluded coves and bays for snorkeling, and it’s sheltered from strong winds and currents. You’ll see incredible underwater visibility and a variety of tropical fish and vibrant coral beds. You may also spot dolphins or green turtles.

Lanai Vs Molokini Snorkeling Dolphins

Here are five must-see snorkel spots:

  • Hulopoʻe Bay: located in south-central Lanai, this bay offers an abundance of fish and coral for both novice and experienced snorkelers.
  • Manele Small Boat Harbor: this historic harbor has unique rock formations and a variety of colorful sea life, including octopus, lobster, and moray eels.
  • Kaiolohia Beach (Shipwreck Beach): this site has an old shipwreck and other sea creatures.
  • Puʻu Pehe (Sweetheart Rock): this iconic landmark has great opportunities to spot manta rays.
  • Shark Fin Reef: a popular spot for experienced divers and snorkelers, with a chance to see reef sharks or eagle rays.



Molokini Crater is ideal for first-time snorkelers or kids, with shallow waters and a protected location. The crater has clear turquoise waters and a variety of sea life, including schooling fish, pufferfish, moray eels, and octopuses.

Lanai Vs Molokini Snorkeling Crater

Here are eight must-see snorkel spots:

  • Tako Flats: a sand channel with coral heads, perfect for spotting octopus and manta rays.
  • Middle Reef: home to many types of tropical Hawaiian fish and protected with a garden-like hard coral experience.
  • Reef’s End: the crater continues beyond the rim for about 200 yards, but with strong currents.
  • Shark Condos: harmless reef sharks in cascading caves, 130 feet deep.
  • Enenue: a gentle slope for 60 feet, offering views of green sea turtle mating grounds.
  • Flying Sea Cliffs: scuba divers love exploring the hanging shelves at 50 feet before dropping 80 feet along the wall.
  • Back Side: for experienced divers, with strong currents and incredible views.
  • Edge of the World: a remarkable depth of 250 feet with exotic ocean life in constant shadow.



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