What does it take to swim from Maui to Lanai?

Swimming across the channel between Maui and the neighboring island of Lanaʻi is no easy task. With a distance of around 10 miles, this open-water challenge has been attempted by countless swimmers looking for an ultimate endurance test. But before you try to swim from Maui to Lanai, let’s consider a few things.

Swim Maui To Lanai


Challenges and Potential Dangers Of A Swim From Maui To Lanai

Here are a few potential dangers you should be aware of:

Support Team – No one takes on this challenge without a support team in a boat every stroke of the way. People are known to vanish when trying to swim, paddleboard, and kayak between islands.

Currents – There can be some pretty powerful currents along the way that can catch swimmers off guard so it’s best to investigate them prior to attempting the swim and plan accordingly.

Dehydration & Fatigue – Swimming in open water over such a long distance requires strength and stamina—experienced swimmers may have developed special training designed around swimming distances but even then fatigue can set in as time passes due to dehydration; expert advice is highly recommended!

Marine Life – Swimmers often find themselves in the company of sea turtles, stingrays, and even sharks during their crossing; and while these creatures rarely pose any danger to humans, they are still wild animals that can surprise you at times. There are also shallow reefs closer to shore that can cut you if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

Weather Conditions – Of course, the weather will always be something that has to be taken into consideration before making the decision for such a swim; with sunny skies or strong winds alike posing their own set of problems for those brave enough to take up the challenge!

Swim Maui To Lanai Sea Life


5 Incredible Races between the Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian islands are known for hosting some of the most grueling and incredible races in existence! From swimming to paddleboarding to kayaking, you’ll find all kinds of ways to test your skills and toughness as an endurance athlete.

Swim Maui To Lanai Outrigger Canoes


Here are some of the most popular races in Hawaii:

The Molokaʻi Hoe – Hosted by the Outrigger Canoe Club, this 41-mile race is notorious for being one of the world’s longest open-ocean canoe races stretching from Hale o Lono beach on Molokaʻi to Waikiki Beach on Oahu. It usually takes paddlers a full 8-10 hours to complete but those who dare take up the challenge gain memories they’ll never forget!

Na Wahine O Ke Kai – This female-only outrigger canoe race starts off at Hale O Lono beach at Molokai and ends at Duke Kahanamoku beach at Waikiki—a whopping 41 miles of razor-sharp turns around buoys, strong wind, and high wave conditions that make it a unique test for its participants.

Maui Channel Swimming Relay – Consisting of teams of 4-6 swimmers each taking a turn every 30 minutes, this race offers visitors a total distance of 17 miles starting at Puuhonua o Honaunau near Big Island coastlines and ending off Makena’s Big Beach; while solo competitors can also take part if they wish!

The Hanalei Race – Taking place annually in late summer months along the Kauaʻi coastline, this seaboarding relay stretches 12 miles with teams competing against each other over 3 laps – adapting their strategy to keep up with changing weather conditions that can vary from flat calm waters or raging surf depending on the day!

Swim Maui To Lanai Sailing Canoe

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