The Eddie Aikau Big wave surf contest is only held when waves in Waimea Bay top 25 feet, which hadn’t happened since 2009 until yesterday! Waimea only gets huge swells in the winter, so organizers block out a three-month window from December to February and hope for a Pacific storm. After waiting 7 years they finally got their wish this year. The Selected few big wave surfers are given 36-48 hours notice to get to the North Shore for the event.

The memorial competition was held for the first time in 1984 in honor of legendary big-wave surfer Eddie Aikau. He was the first official lifeguard on Oahu’s North Shore, and was lost at sea in 1978, after volunteering to go for help when a canoe trip seeking to recreate an ancient Polynesian migration hit bad weather. After the Sailing Canoe flipped, Eddie volunteered to Paddle his surfboard to Lanai for help. He was never seen again.

The good news for Maui Adventure Cruises that this huge surf hits the North Shore of the islands so our tours are not affected by the north swell. We depart from Lahaina Harbor on the west facing shore and head off to Lanai’s South shore for dolphin viewing and pristine snorkeling. Book your Lanai Dolphin Adventure Today!