Lanai Landing Adventure

Our Explorer Super Rafts depart Lahaina Harbor, Front Row Slip 11
at 7:00 AM and 9:30 AM (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

We have coffee, juice and water available for guests during check-in (30 minutes prior to departure). Before leaving the harbor, guests are supplied with soft-sided lunch cooler bags containing turkey wraps, buttermilk dressing, Maui chips, and cookies. (Vegetarian or Gluten free options are available when making reservations.) Complimentary beverages available throughout the trip include sodas, juices & water.

After departing Lahaina Harbor, we head across the Au’au Channel to the island of Lana’i. Dolphins are often encountered off the island with lots of tropical fish, sea turtles and occasional manta rays at the snorkel site. Fresh pineapple and tropical bread are served on board our Explorer Super Raft. This trip features one off-shore snorkel site either going to or coming from Lana’i. A landing is made on Lana’i at Manele Harbor and guests then take a short (1/4 mile) walk to Hulopo’e Bay & Marine Preserve. Snorkel in the bay, explore the beautiful tidepools, take a short easy hike to Sweatheart Rock – all a short distance from the public beach.

Guests will have 3+ hours (un-guided) on the island, for a total trip of approximately 6.5 + hours. State law prohibits our crew from accompanying our guests to Hulopo’e Bay & Marine Preserve.
The return to Lahaina Harbor is 1:30/2:00 PM or 4:00/4:30 PM dependent on departure time.



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White sand crescent beach at Hulopoe Bay and Marine Preserve (voted the #1 Beach in America).

Enjoy your picnic lunch at the adjacent county park with picnic tables, public restrooms and outdoor shower.

Stairs with railings make it easy to get to the tide pools at Hulopo’e Marine Preserve for some great exploring!

Lanai Landing Adventure Features:

  1.  Visit another island – Lana’i, the Pineapple Island.
  2. One of the very few snorkel trips that includes a landing on Lanai and is the least expensive landing trip offered by any boating company on Maui.
  3. Some of the most pristine snorkel sites in the Hawaiian Islands with an excellent chance of seeing Dolphins, Manta Rays, Green Sea Turtles and Tropical Fish.
  4. Dolphin encounters on 85% of the trips.
  5. Wetsuits available pre-boarding for an additional charge.
  6. Join us for a day of fun and adventure on the Lana’i Landing Adventure.
  7. Our Explorer Super Rafts provide a stable and comfortable CADILLAC RIDE.

What to Bring: Towel, sunscreen (non-spray), wear your swimsuit, light jacket or long sleeve shirt, camera, walking shoes.

For a half day tour be sure to check out our Lanai Dolphin Snorkel Adventure!

*Total price includes all taxes and fees. Internet Bookings Save 10% when booking more than 72 hours prior to trip departure.